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Faculty of Liberal Arts, Mahidol University, was established with the aim to follow the government policy to produce graduates with integrated language and liberal arts skills to work in various sectors and help development the country. 

 Moreover, to be in accordance with the mission of the university to provide complete education both in the filed of science and arts,Mahidol University initiated a project to produce graduates in the field of Liberal Arts, adding up the the already renowned science and medical graduates. 

 By establishing Faculty of Liberal Arts, Mahidol University has become a complete higher education institute. 

 This is also to follow what King Rama IX stated on the occasion when His Majesty bestowed the name “Mahidol” to be the name of the university. This was announced in the Royal Gazette of March 1, 1969 (B.E. 2512), volume 86, part 17, as follows: 

As it deems appropriate to elevate University of Medical Sciences to become a complete university, a new university was established to encompass a wider scope of management following the University Act B.E. 2512. The name “Mahidol” which is the name of Prince of Songkla, the Prince Father, was bestowed to be used as the name of the university, replacing the former name of University of Medical Sciences.

Prince of Songkla, the Prince Father, stated in number 3 about the duty of a university as follows: 

Universities have a duty to educate learners so that they can have wider knowledge and vision, and can use the ideas derived from the learning to benefit their faculty. Universities can also establish vocational schools but with the integration of Arts and Science as their foundation.

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Pornchai Matangkasombut, the university president at that time, therefore, initiated the project to establish Faculty of Liberal Arts, with the aim to provide Liberal Arts education like in the US where all three disciplines, namely Humanities, Social Science, and Science are taught. Prof. Emeritus Dr. Pornchai Matangkasombut, thus, assigned the task of establishing the faculty to Prof. Dr. Khun Ying Suriya Rattanakul, vice president for domestic and international networking at that time.
About us

Year 2003

The project to establish Faculty of Arts under Mahidol University was granted by Mahidol University Council on December 17, 2003. The faculty was named Faculty of Arts, with its mission to “…produce undergraduates and postgraduates in the field of languages and Humanities.” Prof. Dr. Khun Ying Suriya Rattanakul , the founder of Faculty of Arts, was appointed as acting dean of the faculty.

About us

Year 2004

Bachelor’s of Arts in Thai and English Programs were approved by Mahidol University on February 18, 2004.

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Year 2005

Master’s of Arts in Applied Linguistics Program was transferred and managed by Facuulty of Arts in 2005.

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Year 2009

After the status of Mahidol University was changed from a government university to an independent government-supported public university, the faculty’s name was changed from Faculty of Liberal Arts Establishment Program to “Faculty of Liberal Arts” with the duty to provide Liberal Arts Education for the students in the university. The dean was responsible for making the faculty become a complete Faculty of Liberal Arts. 


At present

Faculty of Liberal Arts, Mahidol University, provides 7 programs: 

  • Bachelor of Arts Program in Thai 
  • Bachelor of Arts Program in English 
  • Bachelor of Arts Program in Chinese (International Program) 
  • Master of Arts Program in Applied Linguistics (International Program) 
  • Master of Arts Program in Health, Nature, and Cultural Tourism Management 
  • Doctor of Philosophy Program in Applied Linguistics (International Program) 
  • Double Degree Program MA (Applied Linguistics) Mahidol University and MA (Japanese Studies) Osaka University 

Apart from these, the faculty is also responsible for providing fundamental Thai language course, four levels of English courses, and other General Education and Elective courses for undergraduates of every faculty in the university. Moreover, the faculty has continuously produced research and academic works, provided academic services in Liberal Arts, as well as produced arts and culture project and created cultural networks with the community.

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