The Faculty promotes all kinds of research, notably those of a muti/inter-disciplinary nature combining linguistics, social sciences, humanities and cultural studies, that is carried out with the purpose of bettering the society. Thus, it makes every effort to facilitate the development of research activity in all the possible ways; for example, establishing a research network with other institutions, both domestic and international, developing an internal research management system, granting scholarships and organizing regular national and international academic conferences.

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Faculty of Liberal Arts

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National/International Academic Conferences hosted by the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Mahidol University.

The Liberal Arts Journal

The Liberal Arts Journal, Mahidol University - Invite instructors, researchers, MULA staff and students to publish in The Liberal Arts Journal, Mahidol University.

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Projects/Activities that promote and drive research production.

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Information on funded research projects of MULA academic staff.

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Published work information of MULA academic staff that has been published in academic journals.

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Information on research services provided by MULA academic staff.

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Area of expertise of MULA academic staff.

How to check the Quartiles, Top 10 and Top 1 Rankings of Journals from SJR

How to search for research published in international journals from the Scopus/ SciVal database.

Research Projects and SDGs

Research projects aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Faculty of Liberal Arts

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Faculty of Liberal Arts

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