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Faculty of Liberal Arts, Mahidol University
Moving together to drive Mahidol University into the Top 100 universities in the world and become the leading liberal arts institution in the country

Faculty of Liberal Arts

Administrative Board

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Division of Administration
  • Human Resources and Legal Affairs Unit
  • Administration Unit
  • Public Relations and Information Technology Unit
  • Premises and Vehicles Unit
Division of Strategic Planning and Quality Development
  • Planning and Budget Unit
  • Quality Development Unit
Division of Academic Affairs
  • Academic Affairs Unit
  • Educational Quality Assurance and Development Unit
  • Knowledge and Innovation Unit
  • Student Affairs and Special Activities Unit
Division of Finance and Procurement
  • Financial and Accounting Unit
  • Supplies Unit
Division of Research Management and Academic Services
  • Research Management Unit
  • Academic Services Unit
  • Learning Development Unit (Library and Textbook Project)
  • International Relations Unit